Aggressive Accountability 

In today's fast-paced business environment, ensuring quality is a team sport. In the food industry, the challenge to maintain quality spans the supply chain across suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, retailers, and food service end users.  Specifications must be clearly written to detail expectations, and how and when quality will be tested should be understood by both parties. Further, when there are issues in quality, both parties must know who is responsible and what corrective actions will take place.  The entire supply chain benefits when everyone is held accountable for their actions. In this blog post, we'll explore what aggressive accountability is and how it can help your quality team succeed.

What is aggressive accountability?

Aggressive accountability is the proactive practice of holding individuals and teams responsible for meeting their commitments and achieving their goals. It involves setting clear expectations, regularly monitoring progress, and taking swift action when necessary to correct course.  If this sounds like the basis for a successful Supplier Monitoring Program, you are on the right track!

The Benefits of Aggressive Accountability

How to Implement Aggressive Accountability

In conclusion, aggressive accountability is critical to maintaining quality across your supply chain. By holding individuals and teams accountable, companies can improve efficiency, quality, collaboration, and decision-making, leading to higher and more consistent quality.